Room Rates


Rooms - Descriptions

  • Two family rooms
  • One twin room

(All are en-suite and have views of the sea)



For people who stay at Rockridge House for one night or more - who then go hiking, we can arrange long term *parking for you, at a rate of only £25.00 per week.

*At owner's risk

A third party facility - provided locally.


£75.00 per room with two people for one night.
£70.00 per room with two people for more than one night.
£60.00 per room - one person.
£55.00 per room - one person, for more than one night.

*(All include a Full English Breakfast)

Please note that refunds will not be paid unless the room can be re-let by us.

(We do urge you to take out a 'cancellation insurance policy' if you are worried or concerned about it.)